Hita geta

Japanese wooden clogs from Hita city (a product from Heiwa Shimin Koen Noh Theater, in cooperation with Motono Manufacturing Industry, and Yotume Lotus dyed fabric House)

Through the reputation gained from the ‘Hita geta Workshop’ organized by Heiwa Shimin Koen Noh Theater, ‘Noh Theater Original Hita Geta’ was introduced as ‘Original Goods’ of the Theater.
The strap of the Geta is designed by Yotume Lotus dyed fabric House in Kunisaki City, and the Geta itself is made of a curly grain of wood from the old time, which can give you the feeling of coolness and refreshment when wearing these.

size: Men / Women / Kids
*Limited product

\5,292 (tax included)

Lenticular post cards

By applying the special printing technique, the image on our lenticular postcards can change depends on different angles you look at. The facet of the Noh mask can change from a grinning, horned demoness mask into a smiling face. This is considered such a clever idea to show you more about Noh in general and Noh masks specifically.

\324 (tax included)

Letter paper

If you want to write down your thought or something similar, this type of letter paper could be the most optimum for your choice. On the cover page, the pine needle is printed on the full, soft and pure white paper, by the letterpress printing technique.
The part inside of the paper is considered high qualified for its softness and comfort, since the special use of the ‘Spicarend Paper’ can give you the tender feeling when writing on it.

*Limited product

\896 (tax included)