Mai-bun Lecture (Historical Lecture)

February 21, 2021(Sat) 13:30-16:00

Fee: Free of charge (Reservation required)

Sponsorship: Oita Prefectural Center for Archaeological Research (Tel:097-552-0077)


Man-You-Kai Natori-kai

March 21,2021(Sun) 13:30-16:00

萬謡会:Chanting of a drama text 名取Utai holder performance

Fee: Free of charge

Sponsorship: Man-you-kai(萬謡会)  (Tel: 097-520-1300)

“Yakumo Houkou (Wandering)

” The tone of recitation works from Yakumo Koizumi

February 14,2021 (Sun) 13:30-16:00

Fee: Charged

Sponsorship: Heiwa Shimin Koen Noh Theater (097-551-5511)